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Our Process – Do you have plans?

Then amazing! We’ll interact with you as well as your architect
to bring everything together.

1. Conceptualization and design consultation

There is no standard plan range because we understand that our every customer has different ideas and dreams related to their dream home. Let us sit down and go through exactly what you are after so we can, together, start to build your dream home.

2. What do you really need?

Now is the time to inform us about your own family and you. We’ll examine your ideas, and your scrap books that you’ve accumulated through recent years. We’ll listen to all which you desire in your house and present other possible ideas. We’ll consider all your preferences. Then our architect will put up all your thoughts together to build your dream house.

3. What will it cost?

When you’re pleased with the concept layout for your house and before you’ve dedicated to the project, the Bacuss Constructions can supply you with an estimate cost to construct it.

4. How money talks?

It requires money to establish a dream home, so it is a fantastic time to ensure you’ll be able to fund that layout – Talk to your own bank manager, once you’ve got an approximation quote to build. Back it up with contingency reserve on your living arrangement through the build, as it pertains to lending there are lots of things to hold in mind.

5. The green signal is on!

Whenever you understand you could finance the project and are rearing to begin, we must get down to business! During this period we’ll coordinate the nitty-gritty specs, soil tests as well as the applied science. Once we have these, we’ll speak to you again to review choices in more detail. We’ll record items which have changed from the first estimate and then we are able to supply you with a number that it’s going to cost to construct your home based on any changes or new thoughts that you’ve requested and in line with the structural requirements.

6. Finishes and selections – The interesting part!

Now, you can begin your selections procedure picking exactly what you desire at home from flooring to colour choices. For individuals who don’t have the time to check out the mandatory miscellaneous things, we can supply you with these low, mid and high-range deals for such things as Plumbing fixtures etc.

7. All is set!

We’re prepared to Assemble! Once we possess the council approved strategies building can begin. We’ll offer you a beginning date as well as access to your own project on our online project access where you can make selections, see pictures on your project coming to life and communicate with us directly as the build progresses. Eventually you will have a key to your new dream home.

Our Service

Why choose Bacuss Construction

  • Online project management system
  • We give you the confidence to enjoy the experience of building your home
  • Free on-land consultations
  • Brendan prefers to meet on the site of your land before your design gets underway.

Our Process

Do you have plans?

  • Conceptualization and design consultation
  • What do you really need?
  • What will it cost?
  • How money talks?
  • The green signal is on!
  • Finishes and selections - The interesting part!
  • All is set!


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